When you hire me for your wedding, you're getting much more than another photographer.  You will be getting someone completely dedicated to providing you with the best wedding day experience possible, and tangible memories that will last a lifetime.  You will be getting someone who will consider themselves part of the family, and who will engage with you guests throughout the day to ensure every single person there is captured with their best smile on their faces.  A big part of why I love to do what I do is the interactions I have with not only my clients, but with their friends and family.  I want to leave that wedding knowing I helped make your special day even more amazing by not just by expressing my benevolent personality, but also by showcasing my passion and abilities as a photographer.

Each couple is given their own personal gallery to show off their friends and family.  It's so important that you have this ability to show off your photos.  Every client who hires me needs to know how important it is to actually hold their photos as opposed to just receiving a digital file.  Every single couple I have the honor of working with will receive a museum-grade professionally designed photo album to commemorate your special day.  

To figure out which package option works best for you, we will get together for a cup of coffee to discuss exactly what you need.  My goal is to find the package option that fits exactly what you would want to capture your special day.  It is important that we meet in person to ensure your package is completely customized.  I look forward to meeting you!